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Key benefits of Startup India Portal for Startups:

The portal & mobile app will provide up-to-date news on various announcements/circulars issued by Government ministries/departments.

Startups can use this portal as a single point of contact for applying to various schemes under the government’s ‘Startup India’ plan. The portal will assist startups through their lifecycle on various aspects, such as providing mentorship, IPR support, incubator facilities, funding, etc.

Startups that meet the criteria of Startup India Program and are registered in India, can obtain recognition as a “Startup” to avail various benefits listed in the Startup India Action Plan. The process of recognition is easy and user-friendly and includes a single page application form. The user can fill the form through a web interface or by mobile app. A real-time recognition certificate is provided to Startups on the fulfillment of the application process. Immediately, A digital version of the final certificate of recognition will be available for download, through the portal and mobile app.

DIPP has also setup an Inter-Ministerial Board to check the eligibility of startups opting to avail tax and IPR related benefits, and to give a certificate of eligibility to innovative startups.
With the help of portal and the mobile app startups can get themselves registered within 24 hours.
Here is the link to the official portal - Download the app you can check this link -

Eligibility For Applying Under The Startup India Scheme - All questions answered

Read why to register startup under Startup India scheme:

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Eligibility For Applying Under The Startup India Scheme - All questions answered
Did anyone apply for StartupIndia Scheme?

Great Share @Admin,
What i really like about the #startupIndia action plan document is the focus on new products and services. The government clearly wants entrepreneurs to focus on this, considering we have upto five years to establish a unique value proposition in todays digital markets.
Being a Bengalurean,
My only concern when i read the Action Plan document is why IIM Bangalore is missing from the list of Technology Startup Centres. Anybody has some credible info on that ?
Startup India List of Incubators, including Bangalore :slight_smile:


I want startup with collect the ads from public and publish weekly what are the legal conditions