Startup India wavers in tendering process is a eyewash


I run a startup in INDIA in the field of sanitation. We work on innovation in sanitation. My organisation Ekam Eco Solutions Pvt. Ltd. an IIT incubated company is promoting water saving and ecological sanitation.

We participated in a tender floated by Mata Vaishnodevi Shrine. This was for a system for men’s urinals where you need not flush and can save about 50000 litres of water per annum using some bacterial solutions. These bacteria digest organic content in the water and urine in the drainages and curb the smell and also make the space hygienic. The bacteria consortium used is a useful bacterial culture. They are not harmful to the human being.

We participated under startup India registration and SME capacity. The startup India campaign gives a starup right to participate in any tenders floated in India with no compulsion to qualify for EMD and minimum business criteria.

The clause in startup India drafted is so vague that any government body can just bypass it. As it says The startups are waved off with the EMD clause or minimum business criteria but the waver is at sole discretion of the tender floating authority and the technical committee.

where as the financial qualification does not even allow to qualify for competing in the technical bid. Whereas the criteria should be to qualify for the technical bid and then bring the startup to the table for giving performance guarantee. many of the times the startups are much more cost effective than established players but they can not manage authorities rather do not want to engage in such things.

The Shrine did the same. They disqualified us without even informing us officially for the reason and closed the bid with preferred multinational company.

We demand following -

  Startup India terms should be definitive and abiding on all
The tender processes to be audited by GOI
Should have certain percentage of business to be given to startups as a policy.


It seems you are not born in India.
It’s business. Don’t loose and keep it up.