Startup Issue- USA-India(Help me)


Hello Team,

I am new member to the forum and I really thank everyone to be part of the forum and helping others…

I am about to start a new firm sitting here in India and registering in USA( I am taking care of the registration with help of my uncle in USA).

Its a E- learning industry where US citizens pays me online(through payment gateway) and use my videos/materials etc.

The big problem is “” HOW TO BRING THE MONEY BACK TO INDIA"???

The money gets into the bank account when my customers make the payment… Now for me to bring the money back to India legally, should I show the Indian Registration. If so, then i am ending up with

  1. Taxes in USA
  2. Taxes in India

I have to pay salaries to my team in India who are working, I am sure I can contact an experienced lawyers but they just take care of the registration and move away.
I dont want to be in a hectic situation down the line.

I am sure, there are similar startups and they would have known the procedure… Thanks in advance.


Hello @madhujaga,

Welcome to the forum.

I have one question. When someone from US pays you through payment gateway, the money will go to your US Bank account or Indian bank account?

I think you can use payoneer to add Virtual US bank account to receive payments from US citizens without need of opening a real US bank account and paying taxes.

Also W8 form may be useful in this.


I don’t see any benefit to have a US registered company. I’ll suggest you not to register the company in USA. Avoid unnecessary regulations as much as you can in the initial stage and focus more on to how to provide the services in best possible way. Even I’ll suggest you not to Register a company in India as well. Instead you can register a proprietary firm to avoid unnecessary taxation and return filing if you are in initial stages.

Now the payment issue. Integrate your payment gateway with PayPal. So that when user make any payment, you received that payment in your PayPal account. From PayPal account you can easily transfer the money to your Indian bank account.

Once you feel that everything going smoothly and you are making expected profits then you can register your company in India first. Registering a company means, it’s comes at a cost, you need to maintain the book, need to file proper return and need to hire the services of professional CA.

Similarly, if you see a respectable growth in your venture, then you can register a whole owned subsidiary in USA. But again you’ll require to complete all IRS filing in USA as well, and everything comes at a cost.

So analyze all your plus and minus and move forward accordingly.