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I am a business consultant, software consultant and consultant Start Ups. I do conduct 1 day training programming on Startups and Startup India Action Plan.

Currently providing free consultancy to startups, near about 50 startups got the help and working well now.

PM me for your 1 hour free consultancy service and be on right path for your startup.


I Want to create a plastic industries in jharkhand india bt the problem is that i haven’t sufficient capital of oppening of plastic industries so in this time what i should i do and where i should go to about financier support.can you suggest me.

Thank you.


Hi, I need to know exactly about your capital in hand and what’s your knowledge is all about. Also about you expertise area.

And yes one more no body invest in your project till it is not having surety of return, lets do a call let me under stand your nature of business will then suggest you best.

Thanks and Regards
Shailender Ahuja


Pl contact me at evening 4PM to 5PM.and send me your consulting and mentoring approach by PM.


i am crating book for startup …keep it touch will send you book PM



i am a student and i would like to start my own stratup i need some help and guidance to start an e-commerce site

thanking you in advance,

venkat ramana


Please call on my phone no for the same. Contact info Removed.



Yes sure waiting for that.

Do send me topic covered by you as i also want to PUBLISH my own created/copyrighted Startup Biz roadmap plan (how to start a startup and when to think about investor) the most valuable thing for every body.

Contact information removed.


There are no of ways doing so, crowd funding, GOVT body - through GOVT each and every state is having financial institution by the GOVT where you will get your financial support like KVIC,NIESBUD do connect with them to get your support. KVIC provide upto 25Lakh loan without any issues. Do check there website for various resources.

And if your solution is TECHNOLOGY driver or IPR based then as per STARTUP india action plan you will get good funding and incubation too.

Also do call for INCUBATION services that i do provide for BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT.



my problem is solved now thanks a lot for your help


Best of luck :slight_smile:


Im working in an on-line Health service and creating a network for cloud health checks ups connected to leading hospitals and institutions.

I have obtained approvals from 21 Hospitals (B2B) and ready to launch the service through our network.

I need seed funding partner for creating this network.


Hi Shailendra,

I’ve couple of ideas in mind please let me know how we can discuss about them.



Hi Am AJay and opening a food online marketplace setup in Chennai. Need some advice on the same.


Do call me anytime. Contact no removed.


ok we can have whats app chat or call any time…




Yes i am interested , how can i contact you…



Dear Shallender
Firstly I am giving thanks to you, for helping lots of people. You are doing amazing job. I am going to start a startup and need some guidance. How I can chat with you ?

Best Regards


This is really nice initiative Shailender ji,
I will share with my network if any one is looking for any of such help.

Wishing you great success.