Startups - Do you require a Sales Playbook?



For the uninitiated, a sales playbook is a single-source information that helps the sales people to sell better…in several ways.

And why do you require a sales playbook?

First, sales related information is scattered around your company…in shelves, old files, email archives, phone directories, CRM systems and in someone’s head too. You’ll want to consolidate all these in a single source that you can retrieve, quickly.

Second, on-boarding is a night mare. Ask any new recruit! Ranging from downright ignorance to boring product demos new comers, do not necessarily undergo a structured training. Worse, if they have to do shadow-learning…they will pick up a lot of things they don’t need.

Third, productivity. Aberdeen Research says sales people spend nearly 31% of their time preparing to make sales calls/visits than spending their time with their prospects & customers. One of their report also says 84% of the reps who achieve quota invariably use sales playbooks.

So, the debate is no longer about if you need a sales playbook to succeed or not but how quickly can you get one in place? And here’s additional inspiration for you, listen to this podcast

How about creating a sales playbook using smartphones? Reach out to me & I’ll help you create one on your smartphone!