Startups Forum Turns Two Years Old!



It’s time to celebrate our 2nd anniversary! :bouquet: It was a great year for all of us, we implemented new features, re-designed our site and more important: now we are a community of 16,000+ entrepreneurs.

Thanks for being a part of our family, you give us the confidence to move forward. :heart:

This year we’ve seen an increasing number of wonderful conversations, ongoing discussions & cooperative solution creation.

Some notable achievements this year are as follows-

This year we launched a feature which allows users to ask/answer anonymously - Launching Anonymous Mode - ask/answer anonymously 😍

Last year, we observed many people shared their email ids/ phone numbers for connecting with other entrepreneurs which is not a secure way. To fix this, we implemented a chat feature so users can chat with other users in realtime. :speech_balloon:

Also from past 2 months, we are forcing users to fill their about me, location & other details after creating an account on Startups Forum.

So what are the plans for this year?

This year our focus will be on improving user conversations. Ensuring that our members have a place where they feel safe and encouraged to ask their questions, help each other, and discuss all facets of their startup journey.

This year we would love to see startup discussions on technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Self-Driving Cars, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Drones and Flying Cars, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains, Biotech, Clean Energy, Hyperloop, Computerized Medicine, etc.

We plan to help Indian Startups to connect with overseas businesses and vice versa this year.

We need your support!

Help your favorite community grow. Invite your friends, coworkers, entrepreneurs to be a part of Startups Forum. There is an invite feature available on your profile.

Like, tweet, share about Startups Forum on your blog, social profile & your website. You will be rewarded with awesome badges for referring other users. :gift:

In the end, I would like to thank everyone for their continued support.

Don’t forget to share Startups Forum journey with your friends. :kissing_heart:


Congratulation @sumit and team.


Congratulations Team Startups Forum!


Congrats and keep up the good work! :v:


Congrats. Keep up the good work like this. All the very best



Hearty Congratulations!

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