StartupsForum Marketplace Rules


The Startups Forum Marketplace section is a place for high-quality Startup products. Sellers have purchased these topics as advertisements for their products and services.

##Startups Forum Marketplace Rules

  1. Your product/service must comply with all Startups Forum rules. Check the rules before deciding on a topic here.

  2. All Marketplace rules and the approval of each topic is subject to moderator’s discretion. If a moderator deems that a particular product is not appropriate for the Startups Forum Marketplace, the topic will be rejected.

  3. Your topic should include clear contact and refund policies.

  4. All topics must be approved before going live. Your sales topic will be approved by Startups Forum moderators within 48 hours.


All sales are final and non-refundable. This includes if your topic listing is removed from the marketplace.

Topic Bumping

You may only bump your thread after it drops off page one. Your sales topic will be removed from the marketplce if you found breaking the topic bumping rule.

Startups Forum is not responsible for any transactions you conduct as a result of this forum – do your own due diligence!

Startups Forum makes no representations or warranties to the performance of the advertised product, service, buyers should exercise common sense when considering purchasing a product or service.

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