Steel Industry in India Platform - Looking for a partner


My dad through his own company has setup many steel plants for clients over some decades in India and internationally. He has been away from this work for some years, however, he can provide valuable inputs for growing in the steel industry having known the owners and the many others over the years.

My interests include promoting the steel industry businesses in India, trading and improving the integration of the different businesses serving the steel industry in India to keep improving the industry as a whole.

A suitable partner will have significant business experience in the steel industry and is interested in creating an online platform and selling to businesses to get their details on it and then also enabling and growing trading and several other valuable features on it. I’ve several ideas and which I can share with a seemingly suitable partner.

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I am very much interested to involved in start up …Could you please explain and have detailed discussion ?

Please call me on 08308367500


Please contact me, i am Olivier from Montreal
Olivier at.