Struggling with marketing/sales


We, @SouthernSpices , have recently come up with the line of products that stand as a competitor to Major players in the spice industry in India. Not to mention that the competition is extremely suffocating but the sales are no cake-walk either. Currently we have introduced a line of instant products, and our products are available in certain limited retail shops and on Amazon.
Do check out our product line and give us your feedback on how best to improve our idea and take it to the break-even point for our company!


First of all, kudos to you for entering one of the most competitive fields in business, masalas and powders! It is certainly one of the most sought after fields for which everyone wants a piece of market share! Coming to your problem of not selling enough! Judging by the preview of your packaging, there clearly seems to be something missing! First, in my point of view the golden rule is to always see how your competition is!!
For instance, if you notice here, the masala description has been printed in three different languages, doesn’t matter if you are selling offline or online, not every user or consumer knows English or Tamil in your case! Also, try to make your packaging more appealing, to stand out more in the crowd! To differentiate in the sea of masala and spices it will be hard, I think you have to look at better branding to position yourself better. Good luck on your venture and let me know your thoughts! And one more thing, do not give up! Initial days of struggle will lead to fruition in the end!


For some reason image isn’t showing up, look up any Sakthi masala turmeric powder package, you will understand what I mean!