Stuck in an infinite loop


So yeah, I had an idea sometime ago and started working on making a 3D model of the same. Its a kind of dispenser (beverage dispenser lets say) that could be installed in cinema halls, shopping malls, etc.
Soon, I realized that I need to make sure that people would actually buy it, or lets say, allow me to put a rental model on their property.
So I started looking for ways to validate my product. Found that one of the ways to do so, is to ask the owners themselves.
But how do I approach them? What are the things I require to prepare before going? An example would be: Cost. Now, I have no idea what it might cost. (problem 1)
How can I estimate the cost before even knowing that my idea is feasible or not, or whether it will function or not?

Secondly, how do I present it to them? Whom should I speak with?
Please give some insights.