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Study Advisor is India’s largest and growing coaching and training Institute marketplace for students who are searching for quality Education. Set apart by the thousands of reviews and insights provided by the students. Study Advisor combines all the courses and streams with this valuable data to make it easy for students to find a coaching and Training that is uniquely right for them.As a result, Study Advisor helps coaching and Institutes to get genuine candidates at scale through effective advertisement solutions like course advertising and Institute branding products.

Study Advisor combines free and anonymous reviews, ratings, course contents and coaching detailed information to help students find the best coaching and address critical questions that come up during the coaching search, counseling and fee negotiation phases. Study Advisor offers target marketing and coaching branding solutions to help attract target audience at a fraction of the cost of other channels for Coaching or Institutes.

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We also train people (for Sales training & Team Building) as a part of our services.


Great to Know a brief about Study Advisor. Please note that 3rd Force is in the business of Mentoring Children. We feel if both of us join hands maybe we can produce wonders for our clients (students & their parents). If int please do mail me a private message