Suggestions to Entrepreneurs



I am posting it here again and will do it till I get convinced that most of the founders are doing it. Approximately I get 5-7 queries for mentoring, consultation & funding. Some of the founders are very apt with their approach and building startup, while most are not. Being a entrepreneur and consultant I feel to write this.

1 - First communication - I have got good startup, need your help. Okay, understood. What if you guys write it clearly in single message your complete and detailed concern.

2- Need quick advice & Funds - Mentoring and consultation is long term process where results takes time. Please do not expect a result in a day or week. No one on this earth will provide you funds quickly, except your family and friends. Guys, please foresee the fund requirement and plan accordingly your expenses and fund raising activities.

3- I need co-founder - Technically no one can be the co-founder once you founded your startup. You need a core team (On equity basis or salary basis) Please choose core team on character basis. Skills & expertise can be groomed but not character.

4- Don’t be in hurry to make decision, take time & wisely select the resources. Many people can temporarily fake good nature, character & will to help/join. Consult with experts.

Kind Regards,
Yogesh Thite
Founder & CEO - Meticulous, India


Some Important Suggestions For Entrepreneurs We Suggest Are As Below:

  1. Challenge yourself.
  2. Take the risk.
  3. Believe in yourself.
  4. Find good people.
  5. Face your fears.
  6. Manage energy, not time.
  7. Build a great team.
  8. Plan for raising capital.
  9. Know your goals.
  10. Learn from mistakes.
  11. Know your customer.
  12. Ask for customers’ input.
  13. Spend wisely.
  14. Deliver more than expected.