Surprise to your Loved Ones at 12 Midnight with Midnightcake



Midnightcake is a startup involved in making any of your celebration simply U-n-forgettable by delivering a Delicious Cake and Fresh Flowers with a Live Musician, a Singer, an Anchor, a Videographer, a Photographer and a delivery executive at the doorstep at 12 Midnight !

When it is a matter of Investment, the more you invest, the more and invaluable are the returns. Most of us usually invest in Stock, Real Estate, Mutual Funds and Fixed Deposits. Nobody till now, has yet looked at Memories of Life as an Investment.

This is the reason, Midnightcake is not merely an Online Cake Delivery Service, but infact a platform which helps everyone to make their Memories Special and Unforgettable.

Imagine after 25 years from now, how would you feel when you see a beautifully edited short video of Midnight Celebration of your Birthday. How your friends looked like, 25 years ago. How your family members who were sharing the cake with you, looked 25 years ago.

To answer them, Midnightcake has come up with the Solution which is 100% online so that anyone from anywhere can book it with just few clicks and get the Happiness delivered !


all the best to #MidnightCake , sounds like a super idea !


Thank you so much for your valuable appreciation ! your feedback is important for us to make #midnightcake an uber experience ! :slight_smile:


sure . u can consider me as part of your team, i can join as a Live Musician :wink:.
Maybe we can pull a gig together !!


You deliver in 212 cities already? Which is great.

Would love to know more info. When your company is started? And how you manage to deliver to 212 cities.

Anyways wish you all the best. :slight_smile:


Thank you @Entrepreneur

We started in 2012 with one city, one cake, one flavor, one quantity. We added more cities in 2016 when we were shifted completely on our strong system, designed and developed by our own team, which is scalable and SEO Friendly too. We collected lot of data, travelled several cities, understood lot about SEO and Digital Marketing, did lot of delivery myself in remote and scariest corners of the city at 12 midnight, before we reached the level we are today.

We are multiplying the volume because of our previous exercise without multiplying the expense and headache. We are making it less human driven and more system driven, so that it can handle more volume and we are constantly upgrading the backend algorithm, to make the user experience smoother and faster.

All you can expect in next move is a lot of other value additions to make the #midnightcake experience uniform all across the country and later overseas too.

Looking forward for your support to spread more Happiness !


Thanks for sharing information. We will buy cake from your website.


Just wow concept… best luck dude… you gonna rock the birthdays…


Nice job of delivering happiness at Mid Night…


Great job! Thanks for sharing useful information and i want to deliver cake midnight in Mumbai city.


Very nice topic my dear friend I have ordered cake and flower to surprise my wife in midnight on his birthday, believe me beyond my expectation order has come to me just two minutes before, really very nice service by