Team of opportunist


Hi Friends,
I am Rajesh from delhi. I have business idea along with business plan viz. Untapped in today’s ecommerce market.
I need team members. Who work with me not under me, who laugh, cry, tease, angry with me.
Need people who work during weekends and attend conference, events, do networking and still work till the time we get funding. After findings we start new journey with same zeal and not forget our earlier days.
Guys our idea is soooo strong we just need to present it once. Every big player want to bank upon us.

anyone interested can email me at rajeshvermaa306■


i run , based out of Agra. Let me know If i can be of any help.



Checked your awesome website with awesome feedback of your customer. you act as our mentor. kindly mail if interested. need to discuss other things also



Let me know How Can I be of help to you.

Put specific points to discuss.