Tech Cofounder for Healthcare Medical Tourism startup


Please reply by posting it here.


Hello! Please email me the details by PM


I m highly interested in medical tourism


Hey Vsray
Thanks for your reply.I have already send you the requirements on your gmail .

Adil Saghir


Thanks for your reply.Hey, i am looking someone to join me full time as a Technical Cofounder .Can you please let me know your profile and your work experience .Please PM me.
If you are in Newdelhi,we can catch up soon.


PM me the details. My profile and awards URL:


Thanks for sending your information.Can you please let me know which are the companies you have worked before and what you are right now.
Also,please show me any link or work which you have done earlier.

Adil Saghir
M- 09608357890


HI Adil,

Could you please post some more details? i am already working in the industry.


lets talk,that would be much more better .

Adil Saghir
Sagman Health Pvt Ltd


Hi, Please post more details.


Hi Adil.

Lets connect sometime to discuss further.


Hello Ankit
Hope you are doing great and thanks for your reply.I am looking for someone to join me on the Board full time.There will be no salary now but there will be share in the company.

Adil Saghir
Sagman Health Pvt Ltd


Hi Adil Saghir, Greetings from EamaniTech Pvt Ltd.

Good Day to you.
Hope you are doing good.

Please Send your Requirements for your Project, So that We can come up with a best Proposal.
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I hope you will be interested to associate with us as your Tech-Co founder.

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Thanks & Regards:
M.Ravi varma
Digital Marketing Analyst


Have you found one? PM and I ll be able to help you.


No, i have not found yet. Please feel free to get back to me at 09608357890

Adil Saghir



We have portal ready for same -

Vishal Jani


Hello Adil,

I have done a good amount of Research over Medical Tourism in India. I have a Thesis written over the same.

If I can be of any help. Please feel free to contact me over naveenâ–

Have a good day ahead.


Thanks for your mail Naveen. Can we once talk.


Hello Adil,

Yes, we can. Kindly let me know the convenient time and I will get in touch with you.

Thank you


Naveen, are you in NewDelhi?