Technical Co-founder Required in Gurgaon


[justify] Founding Team[/justify]

[justify]The founding team consists of 2 Senior Professionals having sound understanding[/justify]
[justify]of Business Operations. They have excellent Academic background (Having Passed[/justify]
[justify]Out from Top Engineering & Management Institutes in India) and Excellent[/justify]
[justify]Professional background (Having worked with Top Indian & Multinational[/justify]
[justify]Companies). Having a combined experience of around 31 Years in the field of[/justify]
[justify]FMCG & IT, they have decided to follow the path of entrepreneurship. [/justify]

[justify]Functionally, the founders bring with them the[/justify]
[justify]leadership expertise of key functions like Sales & Marketing, Planning[/justify]
[justify]& Operations, Business Analytics & Financial Management. [/justify]

[justify]Both the Founders are Young, energetic, experienced,[/justify]
[justify]creative, innovative and most importantly carry a Big Dream & Vision. [/justify]


[justify]The founders have few potentially big Business Ideas which they are[/justify]
[justify]capable of implementing in the Market Place. What they need is somebody who has[/justify]
[justify]the technical expertise to convert these ideas into online applications.[/justify]

[justify]Therefore, so as to provide shape to the ideas /[/justify]
[justify]concepts, the company plans to have on board a Technical Co-Founder who would[/justify]
[justify]have strong understanding of Technicalities involved in a Web Based Project. [/justify]

[justify]He/She would have already worked independently on complex[/justify]
[justify]web based assignments and would have been abreast of all latest technical[/justify]
[justify]knowledge & information pertaining to creation & maintenance of a[/justify]
[justify]dynamic website which would also involve database management & programming. [/justify]

[justify]He/She would be somebody who loves to work independently[/justify]
[justify]on challenging projects in an entrepreneurial environment - Basically somebody[/justify]
[justify]who is willing to roll up the sleeves & do things (as if he/she is[/justify]
[justify]everything from a developer to a CTO). As the company grows, the team can be[/justify]
[justify]expanded under him / her. [/justify]

[justify]He / She would be internally motivated to bring out[/justify]
[justify]innovation. He/She would be somebody who can work in a team and can also bring in a different perspective.[/justify]

[justify]Basically, the company wants a Technical Co-Founder with strong Technical & interpersonal skills. [/justify]

[justify]What the Team Offers[/justify]

[justify]The Team is a Startup with a very high Growth Potential. And at this stage, the team doesn’t need EMPLOYEES. Infact, it needs an OWNER - a Technical Co-Founder who is willing to work for Equity / Profit Sharing Model (Negotiable depending upon what the Tech. Co-founder brings on table) and not Salary!!![/justify]