Technology startup for Drone (Commercial/Defense) Looking for Investment




We are a team of engineers and marketeer currently about to finish the prototype phase of our first drone in which every aspect is developed from scratch. We are implementing technology such as 1. FHSS 2. Aerial Arms Detection. 3. Artificial Intelligence etc to name a few Currently we are nearing the first prototype phase and was looking for any investors interested in this sphere in further discussions. Currently due to the small team and shortage of funds we are progressing at a slow pace. Considering that in 2017 commercial drone law is supposed to be passed we would really be looking for an investor please pm me.
I would be pleased to discuss in details or clarify in any way possible.


I have a good circle of Angel Investors.
Call me on 9503665159. If I find your plan & current business stage good, I might help you in getting initial investment or I myself can go ahead & invest.

-Ninad Wirmalwar