The One Networks a new strategy for Bloggers, Affiliates etc


Hi Geeks,

This Rajendra Pal Singh founder of The One Networks, in this threat i would like to share my network services in brief and also regarding partner ship if any body interested.

What is The One Networks?

It’s an “All In One” network. Where you get the following Ad Methods to monetize your blog: Pay-Per-Download (PPD), File Locker, Link Locker, File Sharing, Shorten URL, Displaying Ads on your website/blog.

On the basic of Monetizing.

Know More Below

  1. Native Ads (Self Ad Server)

  2. File Hosting

  3. Content Locking : File Locker & Link Locker

  4. Built in Affiliate Network

  5. Link Shortener

How to earn from it and service intro.

Native Ad Program.

As you all knows this is an easiest way to earn money from blog while display relevant ads on your blog by which you earn on every single ad impression and click you got on your blog post, its an alternative ad network then Adsense.

$6+ eCPM | High CPC | Customizable Ads Design

File Hosting

Similar to Google drive, dropbox but in The One Networks you can earn money through your uploaded files whenever someone downloads your file, its payout rates are varies on different country.

Affiliate Network

This is an old marketing strategy where you refer visitors to buy products, install app, bring sales and whenever you got conversion you earn money, commission is depend on what offer you chosen to promote.

We have largest database of CPS, CPA, CPI campaign of offers to choose from.

In The One Networks you will get deeplink functionality by which you can convert specific product link into your affiliate link, and promote it as you like and you will get 80% revenue share on every sale conversion.

We will also provides Creative to make you work easy like banner, email template etc and makes promoting fun.

Tools : Deeplink | Rotater

Link Shortening


You heard bitly? The One Networks not even has this tool but also have ad landing page so you can earn money from it too.
Here the visitor has to wait 10 seconds in our Ad landing page to open the link in his browser.

In short – “We are providing all possible concepts to their Publishers to start earning money from Day-One. Make money with every Impression, every View, every Click, every Download, every Install, every Sale.”

On the basic of Advertising.


Choose between Native and Article Recommendation and Product Re-marketing that suits your business.

Show your business/products/services etc to the world.


Set your ad to be displayed in which place whether its been in country, state or city. You can also choose specific devices on where its should display and LESS work for even easier customization.


This type of service is a type of advertising where the visitor have to wait 5 seconds in our Ad landing page to open the link in his browser.

Know More

We have improved since it launched, added some new feature.
If you want to suggest any thing or want to partnership with us then PM me and tell me how you could help us growing The One Networks


The One Networks v2.0 is launched, Now Get your product reviewed on Blog and Social Media through our influencer marketers along with Display Native Advertising and increase your brand awareness, Grow more sales.