The top 10 real reason from investors - Why they say "NO"



It is quite difficult to say "NO’ without hurting people. Usually startup founders ask me to help them getting investment and upon review I need to say “NO” Irrespective of anything, it is disheartening to say “NO” and it is more painful to founders to accept “NO”

The top 10 real reason from investors - Why they say “NO”

1- You & Your Team

2- Expertise & Experience

3- Your attitude, character, approach to various situation, personality etc…

3- Startup Stage

4- Your idea is “Me too” concept.

5- Not Market Fit product

6- Potential and Scalability wrt to time

7- Investment Ask “too high”

8- Your competitive moat

9- With limited funds, investors have few options to choose from.

10 - Exit Option and feasibility of exit.

Are you missing Pitch Deck in above list? But pitch is an ice breaker and not the decision making criteria but please do not underestimate the importance.

Did I missed on something really important?

Best Regards,
Yogesh Thite,
Founder & CEO - Meticulous
Startup Consultant - Startup with Meticulous