Top 15 common business ideas



Among the small business ideas, there are some common business ideas which have time and again proved successful. These ideas are a sure shot way to success if one proceeds carefully. Following is a list of business ideas which are common, yet gaining ground rapidly due to their appealing nature. But do be aware of various pitfalls in every business and only proceed with a business option after consulting with a business advisor.

Food Joint:

You can start a snack point or a restaurant or choose from various cuisines like Thai, Chinese, south/north Indian. With a good team and a meticulous plan for marketing you can start with this business very easily. You can read how to open a fast food restaurant here.

Stationery shop:

A nearby stationery shop is always helpful for everyone. Building a chain of reliable vendors is integral to opening a stationery shop. This kind of business provides a steady income, and becomes foolproof provided the right marketing strategies. You could tie up with a nearby school or office chain and become their sole supplier. With this kind of business, the opportunities become endless. You can also incorporate some gift items and greeting cards for attracting people. Read how to open a stationery shop here.

Grocery store:

Again, this is an option which every neighborhood needs. With all the food products required at home, this venture has always reaped benefit. Similar to a stationery shop, this also provides a steady income. You can read how to open a grocery store here.

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The list of common business ideas shared by you is the best example of the traditional/offline business plan but now many new online business ideas are emerging, which enable entrepreneurs to offer unique online services. E-commerce is the first thought that comes to mind when you talk about shopping. You can say that this is the power of the internet. Here is a list of 25 promising online business ideas for startup and SMEs:


Now days there are some more business ideas in market like AI, Bigdata, SAAS, Robotics etc we can see on startups on the startup directory like


For all those who want to start a new business online, an eCommerce website is a good option. Todays most people focussed on buying products online. So you can create your own online store and generate revenue. You can go through this Online Business Guide to know how to start an online business.