Trading and Earning in between The real bussiness mind



Hii ,

My self Sahil here actually from my recent experience and my experiments i have seen that most of the middle class people keep intrest in buying the first copy clothes.
I have tried with few merchants i took the clothes at the rate of 90/1t-shirt and seeled it offf as 200 or 300 so u can see the margine is just doubled .:sunglasses:
Means people think its not a business but yeah if u think its much profitableā€¦:star_struck:

  • An ex
    if i sell off 500 tsirts a week then my making charges is 60 :- 50060=30000
    and i sell it off in 200 or 300 :- 300
    150000-30000=120000 is my profit

If in case i get a good funding i will set up a mill and will make the tshirts at cost of 60 or 65 and then the profit issssā€¦:heart_eyes: