TruckSuvidha - A potential game changer



The sole aim of TruckSuvidha is to connect transporters and customers on a common platform which would help boost business without wasting time. We believe with this innovative approach; the commercial transportation sector in India can achieve its true potential, minimize loses and reach great heights. The overall idea is to bridge the gap between these entities. With the help of the portal one can find the real-time availability of trucks and loads. Services are offered for trucker, transporters, packers & movers, industrialists and others. Basically like any other service provider TruckSuvidha is the online truckbazaar for consumers. With this venture we aim to make people aware of the challenges faced by the truck drivers during their journey with little or no help available. The social cause on our agenda is to improve the lives of these truck drivers, educate them and provide them with benefits like any other working professional. Another unique feature promoted by TruckSuvidha is the concept of return trucks. Generally, trucks are booked for a one way journey but with our out of the box approach trucks can be booked for return journey’s as well which would prove beneficial both for the customer and the transporter. The purpose of portraying this concept was to get your feedback and suggestions regarding our innovative approach. We understand our capability but little guidance and support would go a long way. We want to live up to the dream and be the change.

Kind regards,
Team TruckSuvidha