Using Iframes to create a curated content platform



Can I use iframes from any website on my website? I am looking to make a curated platform from different websites and open the link in an iframe like stumbleupon does.

Anyone have an idea? Is it ok to use this way


some food for thought, broadly your idea is similar to mashup sites, that collect content from multiple web sources and present it on a single page.

there are companies (Mashape and mulesoft though technically mulesoft is a middleware company), that actually sell enterprise API (application programming interfaces) demonstrating mashup tech has evolved to the extent entrepreneur’s are creating commercial models around them.


Yes similar to stumbleupon & pinterest. Stumble allow opening links in iframe but i am curious is it legally allowed to show external sites in an iframe.


Its difficult to comment on the legality of using an iframe.
An Iframe is only a nested browsing context and so technically you can use it create a mashup provided you have control over what web content you are loading into your iframe. Hence it is a potential security risk for those who implement iframes and are not technically savvy enough to prevent malicious code from being injected into it , thus making your web visitors unwitting victims.

The legal factor might stem from permission from the original content providers, and thats something you have to check with the downstream content providers, since terms of use vary from one site to another, the guideline being misuse of someone elses intellectual property or use of someone elses confidential / restricted / privileged info on your mashup site.

Come up with a list of sites you would like to link to , and analyze each sites T&C of usage, that should help.

I did have this same question as you regarding Pinterest when i created my first board for a game art project i was collaborating on with an artist friend, as we began to pin images from all over the net.

I decided to keep the board private and use the images only as inspiration, not commercially in any way.


Thanks Ron this is quite useful. I agree with few aspects of yours & frankly speaking this is something still not cleared as most popular sites works.

Like “Stumble” uses iframe. Even if you see"Getpocket" read later feature. They actually fetching data from other website and presenting on their one, to engage and interact with more users.

I too checked many sites t&c, working style & pattern but unclear.

Thanks btw for your opinion


I think it’s completely legal to embedding or iframing others website content as long as you are not doing any fraud or deceptive marketing.

An iframe is used to embed another document within the current HTML document. So user is going to visit the other website normally and there is not much difference.


Thanks @Bhavin for the insight.