Vertical Ecommerce Startup for Mobiles , VR sets and Apps



Hey, I am starting up with a vertical eCommerce startup for mobile phones and all other related stuffs also VR HMD’s and Apps, on my own website(purchased domain & platform under development), with drop ship business model. The focus would be more at best buy around the web(price comparison and affiliates) and better customer support software with single point service for all mobile phone related information & services.

I am looking for mobile phones and related drop shippers and affiliates in India to boost my start.
Please give feedback, the idea is still on paper and progress is slow as a single person. Need help to make the beta version. (anything from you guys would be a lot helpful)
Thank you all


Congrats on your idea @Danish, it really sounds promising , considering the huge mobile market india is, even though you are working on it as a single person.
How well do you know your market ?
How many such online mobile stores are you aware of operating on a Pan-India basis ?
How about user behavior ? How many percentage of users buy their mobiles from online stores ? what are the factors apart from deals, ease , online comparison of latest gadgets, reviews (and the metrics around those factors )influencing them to do that
I think you’re gonna have a lot of fun making the website , and related functionality for this.

If this is your major pain point, can i suggest contacting the OEM’s for these.

All the best, take it slow , take it easy, compete with the best, to become the very best.