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We know very well that in india, farmers are not well in income classification. This is due to improper planning of farming and not aware of latest technology for farming.

For Proper production of crops, soil health and fertility plays important role. Any soil fertility determined by its carbon content available. This is to predict microbial activity in soil. Farming without micro organism is not possible. If you only apply chemicals your production will diminished day by day.

Chemical based farming also increase deposit of harmful chemicals in soil.This results in decrease in microbial population in soil. Ultimately loss in fertility of soil.This resulted in loss of production and low income generation for farmers.

Recently 18 farmers died due inhalation of chemical pesticide in Yavatmal district of Maharastra state. You can think that if only inhalation during spray of pesticide is lethal, we are eating this pesticide contaminated food every day.

Indian government planning to banned about 60 chemicals within 2 to 3 years. This helps to environment and farmers health. This leads to difficult for those farmers, who are only dependent on chemicals for controls of pest.

Organic farming methods helps farmers to decrease pest attack by using natural pest controller. This methods are safe for humans and environment. Food become chemicals free. This practice helps farmers to generate more revenue by two ways.

  1. By decrease in cost of pest protection in organic farming methods.
  2. By gaining higher rate of residue free produce.

We, Vise Organic provides cost effective solution for organic farming. Our methods helps farmers to decrease cost of farming and provide better rate.

Vise Organic is Startup India recognized company. We wins a National Award for social Innovation in 2017. Our main aim is to provide indian farmers better health as well as better earning through farming innnovation.

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