Want to start a similar startup of hand made soaps and body products like Nyassa



I am a teenager and my family uses Nyassa products since years their product range is all handmade which made me keen to know more about them. I want to plan a Startup similar to these products as we all know handmade is all which will get the most worth in the near future. After using their handmade Loofah soap I got more curious about the recipe they are using.(http://nyassabathandbody.com/soaps/handmade-loofah-soap.html)
Any suggestions from Business Coach will be very helpful.


Just checked out the products u were talking about loofa soaps are best for exfoliating and in today’s time would be best used by bueaty industry and every beauty guru would love to use this as an exfoliation power product this productions surely have a lot of scope
Recipe for the soap:
Cut a half slice of loofah using a bread knife.
Place slice in tart tin with cups lined with waxed paper.
Place brick of ready melt soap in the top of a double boiler you can also melt the soap in tart tin until loofah slice is just covered.
Wait about 30 mins for soap to completely harden before popping it out from tin.


I also checked the recipe of Loofah soap , for making this you will need -
About 4 lbs of clear melt and pour soap base
A 12" pvc pipe mold with end cap
A quality 12" piece of clean, dry loofah
Fragrance and/or color as desired
Basic soap making equipment - pyrex pitcher, whisk, scale, knife, cups for fragrance oil, towels, microwave