Want to start Email Marketing SAAS Business


Almost ready to launch email marketing SAAS business. Developing for a few phase remaining. The basic requirement for the script is done. Now a sponsor is needed.


How your email marketing app is different from others? Can you post some more information about this? Would love to see demo of the app if available.


I am working on the UI now though it has a good feature to reply to a person based on the reply number. Suppose you set a response for email #1 then it will send the 1st response but for 2nd email from the second person if there is any it will send an automated second response. I have the plans to implement better funnels if I get funds and another developer or it will take time.

I am basically a database developer. I love building websites. That’s why I came across email marketing. This application was built for replying to to classifieds email relays at first. Then I moved on to build a complete email marketing solutions needed large servers which I had. But now the other developer is leaving. And almost everything other than what was built at first is going to be rebuilt. So a developer who’s willing to work for a long time would be helpful. We have a very little clientele.

So server maintenance fees come from that revenue


Features Now:
Complete auto reply to emails received in inbox.
Unlimited number of auto responses through email
you can delay the reply in minutes.

Features being developed:
All the basic features of an email marketing app.
Landing pages inbuilt.
Track click count
Opt in pages
Pop ups.
Welcome mats
Wordpress integration

Features to come:
Tracking clicks from where it’s generated.
Niche related landing page building.
Automated interaction to customer.