Ways to generate leads for real estate firm?



hi, can somebody please give some suggestions to what all can be the ways to generate leads for a real estate firm?

  1. Facebook Ads
  2. Facebook Groups

I think these 2 methods are most powerful to get leads for real estate firm.


What kind of Real Estate?U mean for a property dealer?


Yes… Any suggestions?


As other said, Facebook Ads will help you reach the right audience & also re-target them again as decision for buying a house is not taken immediately.

Customize your Ads for each set of audience, like for example if someone has been promoted or changed a job with a Experience of 5+ years, then you can target them by congratulating on getting Promotion or New Job and target them with a display image that it is best time to be promote their living style also by buying a new house…

So like this target each segment of your audience & connect with them.

Also for a long term, setup a Forum, where people can discuss about their House buying plans & seek suggestions & mentor from others.