We all work, but what do we work for?



Have you ever had one of those weird nights where you go thinking of how it all started and why we exist? Why we have two hands instead of four legs and why we are blessed with the power to invent? Most of all, what is the meaning of your existence? Why the hell do we work?

Let’s be real, most of us complain of the tiring schedule we must face to earn some bucks. We have to put up with mean bosses who make us work overtime and it’s always about the salary. One’s worth is determined by what he earns and what he wears. But, is that who we truly are. We classify them as rich and poor, but we fail to realize that this status of “rich” and “poor” are purely monetary and not measured by one’s deeds. What am I getting to? Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with one of those philosophical speeches, no. This holds a deeper meaning to what we do everyday.

Everyday we look at ourselves and still fail to understand the person we are, how important we are in this creation. We fail to realize what we are worth and we bring a change, everyday. We often relate our jobs to the amount of hours we spend in front of the screen (basically work) or how much we get paid. But, have you ever thought what sitting in front of that screen and working means to this world? Let us look at an example real quick, there’s a lady in Germany who is interested in building a solar farm in a particular locality which will also power a nearby school in a rural area where the students are taught for free (it’s a vague idea but that’s not the point here so think of a better example if you don’t agree to this one). Now, this lady has the best team to build this farm, but unfortunately she can only speak german while these workers speak only french. So this lady hires a translator who translates the conversation between the lady and the workers but she never really understood what they were talking about, she got paid a few dollars and then they never spoke again. This translator now goes home and forgets about this event, cries about how less she earns, pays her rent off and goes to look for another client the other day. On the other hand, the german lady has successfully built the solar farm and she is supplying enough energy for the school in the rural area where the students who can’t afford education are now studying for free. These students grow up to become fine citizens, a few even come up with brilliant inventions in the future which change the world as we know it. The french translator is now old and comes to hear about these great inventors and never realizes what her role in it was. This lady is who we are.

Why I shared this fictional story/example? because this will answer your question to why we exist. Drops exist to form the ocean, and that’s just who we humans are. Nothing great has ever come without unity, so you may never truly achieve success unless you find success in what you have achieved. Next time you sit on that desk in your office, wonder, why am I doing this, just how important is this? If you still find no answer, contribute to make this world a better place in the way you find best.

Always remember, you wouldn’t be reading this bloody post if a certain someone didn’t work enough and decided that he would just spend his life with a happy family, eating well and enjoying life with no purpose. That certain someone is Charles Babbage (he invented the Computer) and guess what, he didn’t get no salary for it :wink: . It’s not how much you earn that brings a change, it’s what you do that brings a change. Cheers :beers:


Well said.

Been there. :thinking: I also get similar thoughts. Like why do we work? What happens after death? Can we time travel? What if there was no money system. And So on… :expressionless:


Haha you should check out this website then :slight_smile: This post will interest you the most.


Nice thoughts, i like it

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