What are some cool side project ideas to work on?



Hey there,

I am looking for some cool side project to work on. Please help me and suggest some serious real problem which can be solved. Lets see what problem exists and can be solved. So, wear your thinking cap and suggest cool side project ideas.

Thanks !


There are problems in all industries(Education, Government Services, Healthcare, Medical Tourism, HR, IT services, Game Development, Enterprise Apps, Digital Marketing ,AI etc) and startups here innovating in [color=#0000FF]many of[/color] these areas. The question is which is the area you are deeply interested in.
Based on the industry and nature of problem, your skills come in to play.

So , which industry would you like to dabble in ? and what skills if required can you bring to the table ?


l am really interested in the social network field followed by Health & Fitness


Cool! Personally I have some interesting sideprojects in social networking and AI.

Just search on the forum you’ll find health related startups .
DM me if interested .
Also do update your profile which city you are from , it’s easier for other entrepreneur’s to network with you .