What Are The Biggest Challenges Building a Startup in India?



According to you, what are the biggest challenges you face when building a startup in India? Share your views so together we will try to solve those.

  • Execution
  • Funding
  • Market Research
  • Building A Right Team
  • Customer Acquisition & Retention
  • Competition
  • Sales
  • Family Support

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Challenges Building a Right Team for your Startup
What are the problems a startup faces?

Family Support!! The psychology of most of our parents is you should get a job in MNC and thats it.


Lack of genuine people with good knowledge and loyalty


very true, even i face a bad experience in my startup :grinning:


Building a right team :blush:


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According to InnoVen Capital: Startup Outlook Report February 2017 The number one challenge faced by startup is Raising equity funding, and number two is Difficulty recruiting employees/managing talent.