What are the most important factors, one should consider while starting up?



Many wannapreneurs ask this question - What are the most important factors, one should consider while starting up? What do you think?

Let me give a try - I thinks it is people.
People as in - Co-Founder, Partner, Employee, Associates, Mentor and customer.

What is next difficult task? - Getting right people, placing them at right place with right tools to work and explore.

Next is even more difficult - to understand and finding out what is “RIGHT” for you.

If you are able to achieve this then just be consistent enough and these people will take care of 5M - Money, Market, Machines, Materials and Methods.

There are many factors - I wrote about one. Lets understand other factors from all people out here.

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Here’s some fresh content i just posted on social media yesterday, regarding basic rules of startup living, the Ten Commandments of Startup Life.

Please Note the above have nothing to do with concrete steps to launching a startup, @startupsforum members have already covered that in detail in this search link here.

Here are the steps to becoming an entrepreneur prior to launching a startup, from a previous post.


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7 important factors to consider before starting a business

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7 important factors to consider before starting a business


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selection of partner


A lot of things go into when you consider to start up. The obvious first step is the idea and the funding. Even these two things in place, the success of a startup is dependent on a lot of smaller things that become a part of it.

  1. You must ensure that your funds are put to an optimum use in the business. Overhead expenses that are unnecessary and not prudent for the initial stages of the business, must be avoided.
    One excellent way to make this happen is having your team work out of a coworking space. Lease rent, and the expense towards infrastructure and utilities eat into your budget, time, and effort. By choosing to work out of a fully-equipped coworking space in your city, you avoid all these overhead costs of the business and can divert your funds and time into the growth of the business.

  2. Getting the right resources, clients, and even partners are crucial to the success of a startup. All these things become possible when your business operates out of a shared office space. Networking and mingling opportunities that coworking provide, help you get new insights from individuals and groups belonging to a variety of fields. You can not only generate new ideas, but also find new and talented resources, generate leads, or even find a great partner for your business.

A great team, a good clientele, and an optimum utilization of your funds are crucial to the growth and success of a startup. Considering the trend and competition in today’s market, coworking plays an important role when it comes to the success of a startup.


I second you Vikas… Selection of partner is very crucial step.