What are the problems a startup faces?



Hey !
I want to know , what are the problem people faces when they thinks of starting a business or while someone just has started their business ?


You may take a look at the following topic.


Strategy planning was the main problem faced by most of the entrepreneurs when they start their business.


Hey Sudhanshu,

There are lot of things to consider before while starting your business. I have highlighted couple of points below for you to consider -

  1. Business model - Is your business model up for market challenge? What is your USP? Is your business model sustainable?

  2. Pipeline management - Having enough clients in pipeline for business to sustain in the long run

  3. Financial structure - Raising and managing funds is key in the initial stages of business. Need to make sure that business has enough working capital to run business; including right set of shareholders who trust in your business and value efforts; Making sure to create reserve for any contingencies.

  4. Human resource - Having right set of people in the team who believe in your dream and trust in your abilities to take decisions and run business successfully. The moment you have a team which shares your dream, battle is half won.

  5. Competition - Being aware of what is happening in the market, what competitors are doing, and understanding the strengths and weakness of competition is very critical.

Above are couple of points that I can think of on feet which a newly started business faces most of the times. It takes qualitative analysis of business model and placing it in right position eradicates most of them.

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Strategy planning was the main problem faced by most of the entrepreneurs when they start their business.


A plenty of problems though. First off don’t ignore the BP creation. You have to write up a thorough marketing analysis, operational analysis, financial analysis, strategic planning and so on and so forth. It takes times, it costs but this is business mate. No pain no gain. Good luck!


If you have funds then nothing matters. If NOT then everything follows.