What are the qualities of an entrepreneur?


Hello Everyone,
I wanted to ask everyone that what qualities are required by a person so that he may be called as an entrepreneur…


The person with some social responsibility in addition to money-making mind called as entrepreneurs.


An entrepreneur must not consume time on creating something ,He must consume time as to how end user is going to use your platform.


I would call someone an entrepreneur if he/she finds a feasible opportunity in every idea…


I believe this link( www.ourbusinessladder.com/EAT ) would be useful to test entrepreneur skills in your


Simple, just quit your job if you are fully prepare. Because if you think that you can do something for yourself by doing your job, then it will not works.

So first leave your company so called paying boss.

If we talk about logic behind leaving company , then its soo simple, every month we get salary means after 30-days for working every day about 8 to 10 hours.

So , if you are sincere to give that amount of time for yourself on your own ideas that will also works, and the feeling of getting something will be much better than your salary.

And also, do whatever but do it on time. That’s it nothing more than that to be an entrepreneur.

Love codeblood…


he must handle all type of issue . some time people will cheat some time our business ideas will go wrong . some time on time we wont get money … if he know how to handle all this problem then he will be the boss for 100 years .