What are the startup challenges in India compared to US



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I have lot of experience starting companies in US. I am in the process of starting my next startup in India. Lot of people in US told me that it is difficult to start a company and the usual negative stuff about India. These people haven’t seen present India and their knowledge might be 10 or 20 years old. I would like to know the real problems faced by the founders in India while building their company. I am trying to figure out what other extra problems I might face in India compared to US.

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It depends on what kind of a business you want to start.


Say wellness or high-tech Spa kind of business. Assume money is not a problem.


Well, unfortunately in India’s and the people living in developing countries , for us money is the problem. Not many startups are able to emerge from their founders dream because of money . While the state on paper does promise great benefits to startups, the reality is that only a select few go on to achieve startup glory based solely on the states support.
There are a plethora of state sponsored startup incubators , but they are essentially tightly entry-controlled , heavily subsidised office spaces .
Proper Mentorship for early stage startups is one of the other main bottlenecks, coupled with an obvious talent crunch, due to the abysmal standards of higher technical education in many parts of the country.
The country right now (and some would say from time immemorial ) is dealing with a huge employment crisis, and faced with the prospect of 100s of thousands of professionals entering the job market every year , the problem gets exponentially bigger , and a certain desperation sets in to young minds to get some job or the other.
Even this desperation has become a source of revenue for many startups , as we try to instill confidence and sharpen talent via trainings and practical exposure to the real concepts that tech professionals need to grapple with , in order to get a real world job.
India needs massive investmemts in infrastructure, education and industry to solve its crisis, and to emerge as the tech hub of the world, though its professionals are hungry and deeply interested in this endeavour.
It boils down to leadership , since growth is like an ocean liner and it moves very slowly. You have to understand the real numbers that translate into GDP growth, and for that you need to be part -economist, part - industrialist, part - entrepreneur to really add value to the Indian Economy.
I always have endeavored to reach out to the likes of Ratan Tata, Anil Ambani , and Birla Aditya to help in solving at least the education issue, and i am sure they are doing their part, but we all need to add grist to the mill, so to speak, and think BIg, if we have to take a stab at solving some of the macro problems in our country.