What business I can start with $1



A lot of entrepreneurs say that they got successful by having nothing in their hand. Is it that simple?
Is it possible to start a business with only 1$?


I believe this blog (http://www.ourbusinessladder.com/top-10-ways-to-start-a-business-without-investment-successful-business-ideas) would be useful to you.

Is it possible?

Sell lemonade . Anyways it’s summer in India . That’s like a ₹65 plan !


I like your sense of humor. By the way looking at your profile and then noticing that VIP batch made me thought that you will come up with something great. Anyways thanks for your reply.


Thanks dear for taking time and mentioning the valuable information for me. I appreciate it. I would definitely give it a look.


Actually there’s nothing wrong or vain about the idea.
Some of the kind of projects ive done at best its donkey work and not resulting in much personal development.

On a serious note, there is a very important lesson i have learned in entrepreneurship in my first years, where earning / spending a small amount like 100 rupees can make a difference.

I think there even might be an investment avenue for your 100 bucks.

Additionally sometimes doing something offline like a T-Shirt Sale, is a great way to meet customers.


To be frank enough Thier is nothing much you can do without investment. Yeah but if you are talented enough and no how exactly to make money you can do a lot like free lancing, if u are good computers and have degree you can even do coding or web designing, or do SEO, digital marketing for small to mid size firms. If not Oly option is become a YouTube blogger!


yes i kinda agree ,but the point being raised in the OP (original post ) is not about the investment but the return on an investment, albeit a small one.
One of my customers was a college lecturer who used to allocate 100 rupees to each of her management students and ask them to find innovative ways to spend / invest the money and come back and submit feedback to the class.
I thought that was an interesting way to gauge the entrepreneurial capabilities of students, aspiring to learn the ropes of management.
Based on actual results, the best places to invest such small sums are carnivals, fetes, small fairs in the city, where even a 100 rupee investment can give you stationary and materials you can create games etc, which brings in a lot of youngsters.
So actually my friends made a tidy profit of 1K to 2K at these fetes(the same place i did my Tshirt Sale) i was talking about with minimal investment of 300-400 rupees buying face painting material or making game related stuff.


Thanks sameer for your feedback. Is there any possibility of starting my own online business in this amount?


Now, you gotta right one and boosted my morale. I would say that your teacher was really good and knew how to push students and to bring forth the real entrepreneur within them.


yes it is always about challenging the impossible and not giving up on your dreams, taking heed to not exploit others in the process.


OK and can you tell me that how hard it is to get my online store with this amount. As I want to get my online business. I can write well and have basic knowledge of SEO as well. But I am not familiar with the development. What do you suugest?


Yeah tats true but it all depends on talent. Wat ever it may be… as u mentioned abt selling a product requires talent…It’s either u no to sell or u don’t no … Similarly painting face tat is also talent r8😋 tats wer investment palys a role if u r talented and no how to make money … People are their to invest… U just need to show return and how you are different from other competitors.


Salmon firstly make a decision wat exactly you want to do… Once you are done . Start from basic wat you want to sell… Y will people purchase from you?? Just because you are giving a discount or an offer you can’t click your online store.


Sameer, I am pretty clear that I have to excel my career as an online entrepreneur. I know it’s hard as I am not very technical person and don’t know much about development and these things.
However, I believe that someday, I will come across the right idea that which platform is to choose that eventually meets my requirements.


Well everything in life is hard . Entrepreneurship takes experience , patience , belief , hard work , attention to detail, and a certain amount of financial resource to start of.

Again you are missing the point .Steve jobs was not a technical person and yet went on to create the worlds biggest consumer tech company. Notice how he defends his choice of one technology over another , when questioned by one of his critics.

As @Syed_Sameer simply put it , first make a decision what interests you and what is it you want to do in life ? Everything starts with that .


Yes you can. But you need three more things along with $1

  1. Idea
  2. Talent
  3. Hardwork


It is possible to start a business without even money. It needs lot of patience, business oriented creative mind & perseverance which can saprate you apart from other wanna bes & a great vision with a purpose behind it.


Thank you all for boosting my confidence and helping me out in this regard.
I have started my ecommerce website using free ecommerce platform, they offered me a mobile app too.