What do you think about this startup ? - Zwynkr ;)



Hi Guys,

We have launched a startup called Zwynkr. It helps users to find Facebook profiles of anyone on Tinder. Check it out… It’s fun and because "You should know about them more :wink: "

Link : https://goo.gl/yMb4xm

Team Zwynkr!


I find it really great…what I was wondering was how are you going to gain monetarily and what about the privacy issues for the other users who are not on your app?


Thanks for your feedback.

As of now we are not thinking about monetary gains but to build user traction. Once built, we might look into Ad revenue to start with!

Regd Privacy issues, we have just automated the manual process which people do usually. If profiles are public on FB, then it should show.

Also, we are still in beta phase and users would get around 80% accuracy.