What is right age to make startup?



Hello ,
I am Raman currently in class ninth .Me and my friends want to make an app startup .So the question arises that is it the right age for starting a startup.


My vote is for 30 or so.

Young enough that you still have energy and won’t be seen as out of touch or set in your ways, but old enough that you’re (presumably) established in your career path, understand business processes, have meaningful experience in your field, and can be taken seriously by people 10-20 years your senior.


You can create a app and publish it on app stores but you need to meet certain guidelines to register a business name.


If you are really motivated age should not be a constraint.

You should also be aware that 90% of startups fail.

Education is very important as it opens up your mind. Experience is more important as it will give you idea on how exactly business happens outside of what is described in books.

As young person, the only advantage you have is the drive and energy.

Define how much time you can devote to startup without compromising on the study. Pick the skills, select an adult frontman. Dont let your dream die waiting for the perfect age to arrive.

What is the right team for making a startup at the age of 15 yrs?

Hello Raman, glad to know that your friends and you want to venture into something that not a typical class 9 student would do. It’s a bold thought. I don’t know what age is the right age but i would encourage you to follow through with your idea. But I would definitely give you the two following instructions.

  1. Try to experiment with the free resources available online. Do not bring any financial element to it.
  2. Experiment on your app only on your spare time. Do not, for any reason, ignore your academics.

Try to see what you along with your friends can build. With your curiosity and courage you might land up building something meaningful. Even if you are not able to develop something meaningful, that’s all right, failing is part of the process and it is absolutely ok. But do not quit experimenting. Over a period of time, you ll have a foundation of sorts to build a business later in your life when you have enough financial and intellectual resources to start-up.

Keep at it champ


What is the right team for making a startup at the age of 15 yrs?

Okay thank you very much for your guide.Now please also help me regarding what should a right startup team have.


What do you mean by right team?


Thank you for replying.
I mean to say that i want to make an app startup so what type of members my team contain.


No age actually , But enjoy your life and learn with time.
Taking such pressure in life at early stage is not good.
Experience and start later .


Thanks for sharing your views.
Okay so according to you i should have experience but what if work with highly experienced people.


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Sir can you provide us any type of help.


You know Ritesh Agarwal founder of OYO Rooms, He start a business at the age of 21. Now he owned 300 crore. Age is doesn’t matter.


As of now, there is no age limit to start your own startup. But have an experienced person with you for providing some assistance.


There’s no age limit at all. This is because you are never too old to try anything. As an example look at the Warren Buffet, who bought his first share even he wasn’t of 15 even.
Look at Mark Zuckerberg, look at Larry Page. Look at Van Tibolli, So let me say that age has nothing to do with the start up. Keep on trying in a right direction and you will surely gain grounds one day.


See raman, a firm has many departments., like finance, marketing and accounting, technology, R&D, Sales, IT, HR, Design etc.
Say that you are good at coding stuff then you can hand/allot over other departments to people good at it.
It’s not a one man job


May I know what kind of help do you need?
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Hi Raman,

Before starting your organization up; ask yourself these 3 questions?

  1. Why should I start up this venture now?
  2. For whom should I start up this venture?
  3. How this venture will solve people’s needs?

If you have answers for the above three questions, you should start it right now. If you are not yet clear, you need further homeworks bro.


Hi, Nice question lot of aspiring startup asking this question. As per my view there is not age limit or bar .i think very body know Mark Zuckerberg In 2007, he was just 23 years old boy became one of the youngest billionaires in the world on the back of Facebook.
Hart Main is a 14-year old that came up with the idea of manly scented candles when he was teasing his sister about the girly scented ones she was selling for a school fundraiser. Although she didn’t expect him to fully pursue the manly scented candles idea himself, he did, and the idea has turned into a nationwide success.

Arjun Santhosh Kumar, a 10th grade student of Velammal Vidhyshram in Chennai, is the Founder & CEO of his company LateraLogics, age 15 yrs.
Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran , age 13 & 15 yrs ,
Class : 9th & 11
Designation: Co-Founder & President (Shravan) and Co-Founder & CEO (Sanjay), GoDimensions

so, dear upper or lower age is criteria to make startup.
only criteria is RIGHT TIME & RIGHT PRODUCT /SERVICES you offering.

i do hope it will help you.

with Regds
Rizzwan Shaikh


23+ is the right age . in business young age is very imp . young age means we can try all types of business and if business goes down means we can go for work … but in old age we can’t even go for work .