What is the procedure to apply for government tender?



To participate in the Government Tender, there are some guidelines that you have to follow and eligibility criteria that you have to pass.

To apply for Government Tender:

First, your organization should be 1 Year old at least and register as a contractor with all the company documents that required. Along with, your organization should have GSTIN and filled ITR.

Once you complete the registration and get the certificate from the government then you’re eligible to participate in the bidding.

Next step, you have to find the appropriate tender according to your business, there are some sources like etenders.gov.in & eprocure.gov.in. Here, you have to understand that you cannot apply for every government tender in the list.

You can also get consultation from Government Projects Consultancy that helps you to find the appropriate tender as well as outline your proposal.

You have to write an effective proposal that well defined your organization strength over competitors, your available resources and how you can offer the best services and with the estimated project cost.

After then, the particular government bodies will examine all the proposals and if you have the best services at the best cost then tender will be awarded to you.

Hope my answer will help you to understand the procedure.

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