What to Expect in Outsourcing This Year 2017?



The IT environment drastically changed in 2016, with Cloud and enterprise systems such as SaaS, PaaS and IaaS and machine learning capabilities and other technologies gaining prominence.Many of these followed the outsourcing way, with companies facing outsourcing integration challenges or facing roadblocks about outsourcing selections. New service-based norms of outsourcing became mainstream—pay-as-you-go models took over in a bid to attract even small players. And new skills needed to be dug up or developed to deliver to expectations. Most importantly, the upcoming Presidency of Donald Trump has put a big question mark on outsourcing from a policy perspective, making the global trade community apprehensive. The year 2017 spells a similar state of flux for the IT outsourcing industry. For further reading,…Find the article on my facebook page -