What's your hack to overcome procrastination?



Being a 10th-grade student I often find myself using the phrase “I will do it later.” But this is the case with many of us and not only the students. For me, the key reason remains social media.

Although it feels pleasant to do tasks that are more enjoyable rather than what I am supposed to do, it has certain consequences in the long run. It indeed is a destructive habit and might be an obstruction on the path of success for your next startup.

If you are also in the same situation, these great hacks can help you overcome procrastination resulting in a better efficiency and productivity.

Organize yourself. Your todo list should comprise of only important and necessary tasks. Don’t overburden yourself. Go for qualitative work rather than quantity. Prioritize the tasks according to the need. Break down your tasks into chunks for a better efficiency.

Go offline. This hack alone will help you boost your productivity significantly.

If you find the work to be unpleasant, don’t avoid it. The faster you complete your tasks, the earlier you can do more enjoyable things.

Don’t fear failure. Even if you fail, you still get to learn a lot!

Make use of technology. Productivity apps like Quip, Trello, Evernote, Todoist, Producteev and much more may come handy at times.

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Don’t neglect your health. Have a well-balanced diet accompanied by a sound sleep.

Take a break when required. Breathing in and out can also help you de-stress yourself.

Reward yourself on job completion. Not necessary to buy a gift, a scoop of ice cream or a leisurely stroll would do good.

The hacks mentioned above can help you overcome procrastination and productivity. Do let me know your strategies to combat procrastination. Also mention the productivity tools that you use the most!



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what is your hack to stop that, then?

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