Where to invest improving the product OR Marketing the product?


What do you think? Where to invest?

  • Improve the product
  • Marketing the product

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I would like to go with marketing the product first.


Hi Rajesh,
Welcome to Startup India Forum. I think the best example right now would be: the freedom251. If you haven’t heard about it, it was a smart phone that was said to be launched in India at the cost of Rs.251. Now, many people here were ready to purchase it. Only because of the price and because it was well advertised, but the product also promised us a good configuration to suit our daily needs just enough to make it attractive. Was it a scam? Maybe. The point here is that the product must be good enough to be marketed and marketed good enough to sell. Now, what matters here is the audience you target, how much you invest, how you market it (social media, media. advertisements, etc…). I hope this helps, best of luck with your startup :slightly_smiling: Have a look at my new post if you’re interested: MyStartupStory