Where to register Pvt. Ltd. company online?




Can somebody guide where to register Pvt. Ltd. company?

Online OR Offline?

If online from which website and why? What are your experience.

Thanks. :sunglasses:


In Chennai, I had good experience with http://bassbiz.in/
They helped me register my company.

They provide many services from Startup Consulting to Business Advisory to Tax consulting and many more.


Hi AshishR,

it been 2 years of my first venture. Company registration is a one time activity - however managing company accounts are an ongoing process.

Considering the fact, get the company registered from your existing CA only. Since you have an ongoing relationship they will ensure timely registration of your company. Moreover, if you are into B2B business they can help you finding suitable customers from their existing client list.

In case, you are from Mumbai - I can get you introduced to our C.A.

Best Wishes,
Team BusinessKarma.in

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Dear Ashish,

Registering a company can be done online. But there are certain offline procedure as well like getting stamping done, Notary work, director signature etc.

If you are based out of Bangalore, I can help you.

To introduce myself, I am a Practing CA in Bangalore and support my clients even for post registration activities like day to day accounting, other registration like Service Tax, VAT and other legal compliances… Let me know if we can work together.

Manish Dalmia


To answer your other question, registering a company is done at www.mca.gov.in.
This is website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs and they are Govt. authorities to approve register your website.

About my experience, I have experience of 5 years and already working with other clients.

Let me know in case of any other inquiry.

Manish Dalmia




Hi Ashish,
Please connect with us. We are having the team of CAs & CS. We can help you. Kindly share more details

Pankaj Agrawal


i have experience with Setindiabiz for Company Registration. Get your company incorporate under 15 days @ 15000 only. click here for more info. Private Limited Company Registration


For private company registration or to get expert help on process and documents you can easily trust this company as i have done our registration with them. They are Myefilings.