Which Payment Gateway you use?



Hi there,

Which payment gateway you use on your website? Pls share your views…


Currently there are many payment gateways available. PayPal, PayU, CCAvenue, SnipCart, WooCommerce, Telr, CitrusPay, WorldPay, Stripe, Adyen, Authorize, EBS, InstaMojo, ZaakPay, WePay. You should definitely look into these as these are the latest and most reliable payment gateways. I personally am a fan of SnipCart as it hardly takes any time to set up and is free of cost. Hope it helps :slightly_smiling: If you need help with any e-commerce website: Lycan Bot, we design websites, develop softwares and do all sorts of designing.


Thanks for the list.


RazorPay is also one of them


There are many payment gateways like InstaMojo, PayU India, PayUMoney, Citrus Pay and CCAvenue etc. But I used PayUMoney payment gateway for my website


Hello, all.
Wanted to know if anyone connected SNIPCART with CCAVENUE ?
Could you please point me to resources that help with this task.