Why bots are important?


Why bots are important?
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Light Weight
Old school apps needs to be downloaded from stores, and websites often suffer from bloat and long loading times. Bots are light weight and loaded in no time!

Flexible Use
Your customer could use the bot anywhere, anytime. The heavy work is offloaded to the server and the updates to your bot is not known to users.

Quick to Market
Reach your customers quickly with the wide reach of messaging apps. We support a wide variety of messaging channels, which will make you the talk in the town!

Specific & Precise
Bots can provide precise and specific information to the user , than compared to the complicated and information overloaded websites.

A natural language interface can often be a more intuitive method of interaction, if the interaction is well designed. IM interactions receive some of the highest customer satisfaction scores compared to email, phone calls and websites.

Customer Engagement
Engage your customer always and keep them with you! Reduce your churn rate by having an intelligent bot to talk to the customers, when your team is overloaded.