Why Indian Ecommerce Websites Don't offer Express delivery



Any ideas? It is an extra income for them by offering express delivery for certain amount. But why nobody offers express delivery?


India is a price sensitive market, its not matured like western where people dont mind paying extra for better.

How many Indians buy original Movie Prints, Original softwares ?

We, in general want to spend only to the extent, where we dont have any choice.


That’s true. But people like me don’t mind to pay more if I get my ordered product within 24 hours.


If volume of articles to be shipped via Express Delivery, any E-comm would do that.

Numbers change the decisions.


For Indian mindset, express delivery at a certain amount is not easy to digest.
The things which are ordered online are not of high importance or of first priority or I have more options other than online to order it.

It will take some more time…


there are many factors which keeps e-coomerce giants in making express delivery.
Traffic, Cost, Lack of availability of resources, Indian Cities are not developed with planning, Poor road conditions, Dense population. There are many other barrier. It is very easy to comment. Try deliver one good by your own and then you will understand that the amount of delivery charge you take is not not worth giving a shot.