Why is it important to onboard a freelancer for your startup?



Hiring a freelancer can save or rather optimize your Business cost,time and energy. As per the recent survey, the number of freelancers is rapidly increasing and the number will increase to 50% in next 3 years.

A freelancer can provide a cost-saving solution for small businesses. They bring the best possible solution that can be integrated within that limited time frame. If you have a limited budget for new technology development, this can be easily achieved by hiring a suitable freelancer.

Few tips below, that can help you to onboard freelancer for your business:

Create Project Scope

Creating the scope of a project helps to lower down on unexpected expenses that may arise. A clear and definite scope ensures that your freelancer operates within the project guidelines. The project scope helps you to avoid a situation where a freelancer requests reimbursement or repayment for providing services not baselined in the project scope.

If you’re trying to lower your expenses by hiring a freelancer, be sure to communicate the project scope throughout the project lifecycle. Create a forum for feedback throughout the project to ensure everyone involved is up to speed.

Identify Project Module

Before hiring a new freelancer, create a list of project modules that can be developed through freelancer. If possible, select those project modules that directly linked to your business burn rate and determine where a freelance job may reduce expenses.

Assigning each project module with clear and attainable goals increases the likelihood your freelance hire will succeed.

Create Project Milestones

The success of your freelancer is greatly dependent on the communication. Determine a project start and end date whenever possible. This allows your freelancer to plan his or her own schedule to complete the project.

Promote Startup Culture

Startup culture and behavior play an important role in the success of your resources. Retain your freelancer by treating them with the same level of professionalism and respect as you would a full-time employee.

If you or your employees are spending valuable time on projects better suited for a freelancer, you may want to reevaluate your resourcing strategy.

According to Freelancer.com, the top five jobs for modern freelancers include web development, graphic design, content writing, online marketing and video creation. When you’re short on manpower or have unexpected projects to complete, a freelancer can help bridge the gap without consuming much of your time and money.

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