Why there are no competitors for BookMyShow?


Why there are no competitors for Bookmyshow. None of the startups have work in this industry? What may be the reason behind this?


If you are looking at #Eticketing related startups then also consider Kyazoonga, which recently got further investment.

I think this eticketing is a segment where you find players in niche segments , like Redbus, who are doing great and offer good customer service, and malls like PVR that offer their own ticketing solutions.

On a general note, anything you can book theres already an app for it (from cars(UBER,OLA) to sports venues (Playo) , FMCG (BigBasket) dry cleaners(Laundrywala)), and the technology also would ideally be an ecommerce engine, so its pretty much out there, so to enter an already crowded e-commerce market , one must be pretty good, or really ambitious.

If you are seriously interested, we can partner to create a more scalable, performant transaction engine for IRCTC and sell it to governments like ours :grinning:


BookMyShow has built the ecosystem of online ticketing ground up. It not only sells online tickets for movie halls, but also manages their ERP systems and databases. It has direct access to the databases of its partner movie halls (the list virtually includes all the major Cinema chains in Tier I and II cities). This has created a tremendously huge entry barrier for newcomers since they do not have access to any APIs for these databases. To bypass BMS and build a similar ticketing system in this environment will require some degree of strategy and innovation in the space.

Vista ticket management system is the reason we don’t see any BMS competitors. All the theatres run Vista (Not MS Vista) for managing tickets and it allows only BMS to use their APIs. There is BMS in NZ too because of same reason, VISTA!

It will be really interesting to see a strategy which can disrupt this.

BookMyShow is using its monopoly to prevent competition from emerging. Were it any other country, competition would have emerged. No matter how good a new portal is, no cinema owner can use it, as BookMyshow will immediately stop selling tickets for that cinema.

So its a chicken and egg problem."

So the bottomline is the portal will not be able to acquire APIs from PVR, INOX, Carnival etc…BookMyShow runs monopoly…and if they share the APIs then the Multiplex companies fear to lose their share of business.

The Basic moral is if you want to grow this business You must have APIs of almost all the renowned Multiplexes which will not be available. Without the APIs the venture is of no use.