Why Whatsapp has been a hard nut to crack for Marketers?



Social media has been a playground for marketers for a while as they are tapping it’s great marketing potential, right from targeting specific audiences & their actions, like Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Pinterest,Snapchat,etc,. But marketing in Whatsapp has been quite tricky, marketers are yet to harness it’s full potential.

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No API & third party app support. Telegram is a great app and have more features than whatsapp. There are thousands of useful groups on telegram.


Please read the entire question & put forward your answer. I’m not talking about the different/best chat apps on the market. Then, tell me how Marketers are using the Telegram app for marketing ?


What I am saying is Whatsapp doesn’t have API & third party app support and because of that its hard to market on Whatsapp for marketers. On other hand, telegram have thousands of useful bots and group. Check the following bots.

  • Telegram supports instant view too.



Wow! I’ve not seen anything like it, they have their own store for integrating apps to telegram. I also, read telegram API is a tool for developing these apps.


It’s Myth doing WhatsApp Marketing in potentially. But still many are doing in some unique ways.


Why do you call it a myth? When the marketers have been tapping them! Please give me some valid reasons.