Would you like to start something .. without leaving your present job?


Many great ideas do not see the light . Due to work pressures, commitments many would not like venture out fully and start on their own… So How to go about it ?

Get tagged with startups … participate in a startup that is going to hit the market. With minimum risk get the experience of the startup culture., learn entrepreneurship …pick skill sets that regular job do not offer… you can also grow with startup… Expand your net work.
which will be helpful when you are ready to take the plunge

I can be reached at ksbmanyam■gmail.com… 9886766403



We can only think about starting something when we have enough money to invest…I am definitely not going to start anything new now because I am not in condition to invest.I had not yet saved anything.



What is your business Concept?


I am interested to build a startup by working parttime. Any ideas from you? gautam.sakthi■gmail.com


Sure, why not? But it’s not easy. And to start something, you know, sounds awkward. First of all you need to be sure that your idea will rock or at least it will survive.